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How to apply - Candidature


How to apply for a mobility programme for Studies (SMS)

at Haute École Francisco Ferrer

Mode d'emploi en français (pdf)


Documents required

  1. Application form and registration information sheet
  2. Photocopy of the ID (2 copies)
  3. JPG-photograph
  4. Letter of motivation (in French)
  5. Result obtained at the European-Commission online language test (if not French mother-tongue)(OLS)
  6. Learning agreement (proposal) signed by the sending institution and the student
  7. Optional: for incoming students during the autumn semester (“quadrimestre”), the registration form for a French intensive course taught in the first two weeks of September, with a possible extension of one class a week from mi-September to late October

Application deadline

1st semester mobility: May 30
2nd semester mobility: November 30

How to work out your student’s Learning agreement

Our course catalogue is available on our website (in French, the teaching language being French).

Each curriculum consists in a number of Teaching Units (in French “Unités d’Enseignement”, abbreviated UE), which are an umbrella unit for several courses.

For the course catalogue, click Fichiers/Programme d’études 2015-2016/Cycle complet (the 2016-2017 curriculum will be the same as the 2015-2016 curriculum).

  • For a mobility programme during the autumn semester, choose Teaching Units under Q and an odd number (Q3, Q5)
  • For mobility programme during the spring semester, choose Teaching Units under Q and an even number (Q4, Q6)
  • Teaching Units in Q1 and Q2 should not be chose, as they are meant for 1st-Bachelor students, thus probably below the level your students have already reached. For any question about the relevance of such a choice, please ask for further details.

A detailed description of each Teaching Unit is available (in French). Click Unités d’Enseignement and the UE code. In the relevant file you will find information about the assessment period (either January or June or January and June) and the number of ECTS for the semester’s assessment.

The signed learning agreement will be confirmed or modified at the student’s arrival (depending on the weekly timetables), with the approval of the sending institution. The final learning agreement will be signed at least four weeks after the beginning of the academic year.

NB: Departmental Mobility coordinators are mentors in charge of pedagogical matters, the main one being the Learning Agreement. Therefore they may help you with any further pedagogical required information, such as the number of ECTS for a Teaching Unit or for only one course of the Teaching Unit, the period of assessment, … The list of the Departmental Mobility Coordinators and their email addresses is available on this site, in the document entitled “Coordinateurs Mobilité 2016-2017” and also in the document entitled “Haute École Francisco Ferrer Key-data sheet” .

Pay attention! If a Teaching Unit is taught over two semesters, please ask for information about the possibility to take a part of the Teaching Unit only – and in that case the number of ECTS awarded.

French preparatory intensive course

A French preparatory and intensive course is taught in the first two weeks of September, in collaboration with another University College, and with a possible extension of one class a week from mid-September to late October. Should sending institutions wish to include the course into the student’s Learning Agreement, the course may be validated for 3 ECTS at the utmost. Registration must take place before June 30th.

No registration fees.

There is no such course being taught before the beginning of the spring semester.


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